Manual of Love 2 (2007)

Manual of Love 2

Nicola, paralyzed after a car crash, falls in love for his physiotherapist Lucia. Franco and Manuela, a young couple unfit to have children, fly to Barcelona for a specialized treatment for fertility. Filippo and Fosco, two gay men, decide to marry. Ernesto, waiter in a chic restaurant, has a liaison with Cecilia, the new Spanish help.

Release: Jan 19, 2007

Duration: 2h 5m

Genres: Romance, Comedy, Drama

Actors: Carlo Verdone, Monica Bellucci, Riccardo Scamarcio, Fabio Volo, Sergio Rubini, Antonio Albanese, Claudio Bisio, Barbora Bobuľová, Elsa Pataky, Dario Bandiera